Sunday, 27 May 2012

Character: Kyouku

This character is not mine, but it is a favorite I wanted to highlight for anyone who may be interested.
I think this character is fucking hilarious. When she kicks, she squirts, instead of a throw move, she sits on her opponents face and cums, and a special move she has is to inject her opponents with something, then suck them off while a small child fucks her from behind. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not condoling rape or pedophilia, I am not for it, and I do think it is both sick and very wrong... but in a video game of fighters like this, it's harmless fun and can be laughed at. I think this character is so fucked up that it's awesome.

This character and many more nude and perverted characters can be found here.


CHARACTER: M.Bison (sftm)

This character is from Street Fighter the Movie. Raul Julia played the role of M.Bison and then a Mortal Kombat style graphic version of Super Street Fighter II was created for the arcade and Sega Saturn.

This is not my character. It was made by "Smoke" many years ago. The reason I am sharing it here is I have updated it to be compatible with Mugen 1.0. When selecting this character, Mugen 1.0 would crash and say this character was for an older version of Mugen. I simply followed an online guide on how to update it for 1.0, and here it is now compatible.  I uploaded it because I know how stupid and lazy some people can be to learn to do things for themselves, and whatever other reasons.

download here

STAGE: Clock Tower


Again, I have not come across anything from Back To The Future. For MUGEN, for all I know, something does exist, but I ain't found shit yet. This is a crude version of the Clock Tower from Hill Valley with the Time Machine parked on a road that does not really exist there, but I did not have time to scale this thing, so fuck it.

There is two versions of this stage in the download, one that is shown, and the other with a slightly smaller in height clock tower so you can see the top when you are knocked up there.

Download Clock Tower Here

STAGE: Rich Cunt's Garage

I have not come across any famous cars being in the backgrounds of mugen stages. They may exist somewhere, but I haven't seen any. Thought I would make this one that I call the "Rich Cunt's Garage". It features K.I.T.T (Knight Rider), The 1989 Batmobile, The Delorean Time Machine (Back To The Future), The General Lee (Dukes of Hazzard), Big Foot (Monster Truck), and the Ecto Mobile (Ghostbusters).

It's not a great stage, and there is no animations, but keep in mind, I am only just starting out.

Download Stage Here

Welcome to my M.U.G.E.N stuff. I am only just starting to understand creating things for MUGEN, so some releases may be sloppy or need further fixing/editing.

I won't bother with crap about what mugen is, otherwise why else would you be here? 

Now the boring shit is over, lets get started.

P.S: All of my Mugen releases are for Mugen 1.0.